Vaani the voice of IoT

What is Vaani?

Vaani will be the voice interface of connected devices.

Our Mission

There is an industry gap of an open voice solution for connected devices/IoT right now and the existing silo's are moving quickly to lock-in users/partners/developers. This is part of their "staircase" approach by building steps like voice interface, IOT back-end, user data collection, AI, and creating a long term lock-in, e.g. if you are a hardware maker (or a developer) looking to voice-enable your gadget, right now the only way is to lock-in with the big players. We believe we need to challenge the status quo here. At least, create a "wedge in the door" before they completely close. Merely enabling voice interface should not have to lock you down. Imagine if you had to buy only Apple or Samsung devices if you wanted to use touch interface! Voice is critical especially for connected devices, as user interface needs to seamlessly get out of the way to make the experiences surface as users go by their daily lives.

Right now, Vaani team is in the brainstorming sessions of how we can create our unique solution that does not have to compete (or catch up) with the existing players like HomeKit and Echo. Their solutions have had a lot of time advantage and a large user base to improve quality and scope. Rather than offering a me-too solution, we need to offer something that is possibly focused on a few segments (or categories) but is meaningfully better. As in, we may not have to offer a virtual assistant that can decode and answer all the questions in the world. (It will take lot more investments and time to get there). But we could offer a solution that works for specific category(ies) really well, something that works offline/online, works with a smaller memory footprint and works without lock-in's. Something that developers can configure, enhance, add languages, and customize. Something that feels and sounds like Mozilla!

Want to Get Involved?

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